Of jealousy and insecurity

November 2, 2009

how will you explain the kind of person where every move u make would mean an issue and something to talk about?

maybe i am just fortunate that i was not born to be a malicious person. I am not fond of putting meaning to every persons action either indirectly or directly to me. I am a normal and no extra ordinary ability. I am just who i am and i cannot do about it. I am not hypocrite  nor trying hard to be who as i am not and I cannot tolerate those negatives actions or behaviours overpower me!



Remembering the “KING OF POP” Michael Jackson

July 30, 2009

Shocking news!! shocking revelations!! This is how we tremble when we heard it, seen it and verify it to our reliable source…”Michael Jackson is dead!” Indeed, the king of pop is dead.

I was never one of the huge fan of him. Born in the era of his triumph and popularity, I was at my innocence at that time and had grown in a poor family where even a television–we can’t afford to buy. Coz if we did, i could have been one of his million fans have i known it.

I am not really aware of his life, until now: the big heart he has for the children, the world tour for charity; the visitations he made for the sick children all over  the world, the multi-million money he donated for the children, all if not few of his contributions to the society as his way of caring to the children and as payment to his deprived childhood.

True enough that you can’t hear the goodness and the greatness of you unless you ‘re dead, so is with this person. When he was still active in the entertainment, most of what he heard from the television and can be seen in the papers are negative stories, opinions of some people whom they think that michael is not a good influence to the youth or other person. Although he was praised by many, but he was not exempted from the cruel and turmoil world of entertainment in the hands of what they called–paparazzi.

He was allegedly accused of child sexual harassment that caused him million of dollars when he was still under litigations, the controversy behind his ranch in Neverland, the questions being raised to him as a father to his children (Prince, Paris and Blanket). These were some of the controversies and had been the questions of many people that he failed to answer in public, as if he owes them an explanations!

With his death, it is also a controversy or an issue to ponder. As to the news, his death was caused by cardiac arrest, others would say that his death was caused by his taking of unprescribed medicines which was allegedly gave by his resident physician. But nobody ever knew that his death would come along that easy and in no time. Although, questions and investigations brought about by his death is still ongoing, something is clear enough to me–no matter how famous we are, popular, rich and glamorous–we are all human. We’re born because we are doomed to die. And in death we are to be born again in spirit and in dust we are to return to our heavenly father—and MICHAEL is not an exception.


True confession

July 30, 2009

Yesterday, .my pride level goes up because of my bf’s irresponsible act to tell me that they–with his cousins, has been drunk. I already have this intuition that they will be having a goodtime since his cousin has just been here after a long time of staying in manila where he worked.

On the text that he sent to me, he said that they will not drink liquor because his cousin has a flu. I was still sure then that they will still drink liquor coz what else will they be doing? When i called him to know the schedule of the way od the cross (by the way this was happened last april), he was acting weird. At that time i went hysterical. I know they were drinking.

I know i shouldn’t be acting hysterical since it he was with cousin and not to strangers. However, at that moment, i felt cheated and i realized that i have a trust issue because everytime he lied, I became hysterical and definitely says something that will hurt him. So i did. I broke him up. And that made him crazy.

Whenever i decided like that his emotion will always be sobbing. He asked sorry and apologized lots of time but i am still hard on him. My pride goes up again. For the nth time he was calling me but im still hard on him. I didnt pick up the phone and when i did, i was not talking.

At that time, my heart ached. He was begging for my forgiveness and though i am not talking to him, my eyes can’t helped it but cry. At the end of the day, when all things are done and accepted, I still forgave him.

I guess that’s what LOVE really means. To forgive and accept the person again and again eventhough he hurts you and he will hurt you again and again. You judt dont want to let go of that special person. Whatever the situation is, you just hold on and never let it go.

I guess i love him..what do u think?

One liter of tears

June 26, 2009



I never thought that this telenovela is a true story. All the while i only thought that this is only fictitious and would never happen in true life as most of the soaps are. So i challenged myself as to what extent should i not cry or can make one liter of tears

From the start of the movie i told myself that this will be just like the other soaps where the story starts with something shocking and in the end it will be like fairy tale..happy ending. AS to my surprised, i cried not only one liter but tons of tears. I can’t even speak something to my auntie who was also watching with me..Together we symphatized, we felt surprised and we felt that what we have right now in our life is something that we must be thankful and give glory to one who gives life to us.

The story tells about a normal teenager girl who, like an ordinary girl wished to have her dream come true and wants to have a beautiful life together with her someone she loves and her family. The disease that she had came unexpectedly. However, true love and support from her family and friends really helped her to be strong and be better. She had also this courage that no other person has and the ability to write her feelings although she has difficulty in writing. As her disease or her sickness progressed, she still wanted to live a normal life but fate really challenged her to be strong although her body is really weak and her disease is degenerative meaning while you’re age is growing your body also is in weak stage. True enough at the age of 25 years old, she died but she left a legacy and a handful of inspirational quotes and poems that she wrote even if her writing is a mess.

Tears flowed to the eyes of the viewers because we seemed are missing the point of being thankful because we are healthy, strong and can even do something that we want to do. Watch it…it will not only a be ONE LITER OF TEARS but more…

Mischievous princess

February 25, 2009


I just couldn’t say anything about this chinese teleseries but bravo. I didn’t see anything as good as this plot and as good as the actors and actresses and the crews behind this movie or drama (whatever you will call it). I am so much into it that i totally wanted to be like the princess jing-er or little lobster in real life.

As the plot of the movie continues until its last episode, you cannot really depict the ending of it. You cannot tell who will the princess choose between the emperor and Bai yun fei. You cannot also tell about the personality of the princess if she will change or not. You cannot tell the story of their family if they will be able to go through their life’s struggles and difficulties against the Wen family whom they are enemy. You will not know the effect of the empress dowager reactions towards the feeling of the emperor to little lobster. You cannot tell this all….unless you will finish this movie or drama until its last episode.

I learned more lessons in this movie.(1) Everything can happen with a purpose and with great perseverance, honesty and with great mind.(2) What is essential is not what you have in your life but what you can contribute to the people who needs help and the society who badly needs your help in whatever way. (3) Truly, communication is the best way to resolve conflict and problems. Whatever mess you have right now, if you will carry it in your heart you will forever hate that person and forever grief. It is not easy to forgive and let go, but once you attain it in your life, you will no longer in vain but will feel the happiness and peace throughout your life. (4) In whatever drama i saw, it usually entails decision of who you really love and how you will cope with the reality that it will come forward or the consequences of it. As for the movie, i admire little lobster for her honest and broad thinking as for the choice that he will made between Bai yun Fei and the emperor. She didn’t want her life would be a matter of negotiation, a matter of transaction that whoever have a good negotiation between the two he will win. She didn’t let her mind and heart be bitten or eaten by this. Instead, she still fight for her love to the emperor and reject Bai yun Fei’s proposal. With this, they eventually live in harmony. (5) True friends last for a lifetime, accepts who you are and be there whenever you need help. Wan Ren Di and his troops are the best examples to it. They never left their little lobster and use their cleverness to help and rescue the little lobster in whatever way they can, even if their life will be the exchange to it. lastly, (6) Whoever your family, even if you are not their true or filial son or daughter, you should be thankful to them because they raise you in whatever ways they could so that you will live happily and be able to live normally. You should not feel hatred because they never tell you the truth in the beginning, but you should thank them because without them you will not have a good character and their only intention is to let you see the earth and live harmoniously with it.

SO much for this movie or drama. I really like this movie with all my heart, and i congratulate those people behind this drama. I love it..Words just cant express how much i appreciate this movie, the flexibility of the cast and really the best drama i’ve seen so far.

Watch it and you will know why!

It’s Valentines Day!!

February 14, 2009

It’s valentines day once again!! How sweet it is to reminisce and to celebrate the day of the hearts.

Its the time to give thanks to everyone who makes our lives simpler and even more meaningful. As years goes by, we commemorate those people who are truly special to us. We often give them gifts as a symbol of our gratitude to them.

This day is not only for lovers or married couple. It is also the time for the family gatherings, friendships and survival. It is the time for survival because amidst crisis and other difficulties we encounter, we simply and never forgot to love.

It only means that even if we suffer a lot and made mistakes more often, hated somebody for a while and laugh for a while. Even just as this day, may we able to laugh out loud and forget those who hurt us and even realize that we should love even more. For this day, as i perceive, is the day, made for us to Love and be love.

In the end…that’s all that matters!

Happy hearts day everyone!!


picture inserted are the gifts i received today!!

Thank you myhubby!!

Hello world!

February 5, 2009

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